The Nest Course

While mothers may be surrounded by family or friends, they don’t always feel supported or understood. Led by Kate – maternal mental health and developmental psychology expert and mother of two – and in the company of your peers, this course offers mothers practical tools to care for themselves and their babies, as well as the collective experience of other new moms.

I don’t know about you, but I found it really hard to read parenting books right after my baby was born; I was tired and it felt tough to wade through commentary and context to find the answers to my most pressing questions: How much crying is too much? If I’m breastfeeding, do I feed on demand, or according to a schedule? What’s the difference between spit up and throw up?

Often, my questions boiled down to these themes: How long will this last? Is this normal? Should I be worried?

This 9-week, evidence-based supportive group course will cover:

  • Becoming a Mother
  • Infant Basics I: Sleeping & soothing
  • Infant Basics II: Feeding & bathing
  • The Postpartum Period I: Your body and mood
  • Attachment: The theory, science, and practice of bonding with your baby
  • The Postpartum Period II: Communication and relationships
  • Infant and Child Development: Learning and play
  • Parental Self-Care & Co-Parenting
  • Finding Balance in Your New Normal: Parenting, work, and childcare.

“Kate is so supportive and creates a safe space for you to share and explore with other women going through similar experiences. Highly recommend!”

– MamaWise Group Course Participant

The MamaWise Covid Primer

As we face the first global pandemic in this century we are presented with new and significant challenges and stressors. Having a child during this time, understandably brings a combination of fears and stressors. We have been asked to let go of many social traditions leading up to having a child and to replace them with social distancing and isolation. It’s important to remember you are not alone, and that all your emotions are valid.

​MamaWise has developed The Covid Primer program and have added it to all our current courses to help you manage the stressors associated with becoming a mother or parent and parenting during the Covid-19 Global Pandemic in a safe and comfortable way through:  

  • Co-creating a covid-friendly birth plan with expectant moms
  • Providing guidance on setting safe and realistic boundaries with family and friends to maintain safe social distancing for mom/parent and baby during pregnancy and the postpartum period
  • Always providing up-to-date recommendations for pregnant women and infants from the World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Providing updated local hospital policies regarding visitation, mask usage, and quarantine policies