The Quick Mood Scale

The Quick Mood Scale helps you to track your mood everyday. It will help you learn to be aware of how you feel so that you can learn to have healthier moods and teach your baby to balance his or her moods.

How to complete the Quick Mood Scale:

Every night, before going to bed, circle the number (between 1-9) which indicates how you felt that day. There is no right or wrong answer.

  • If your mood is average, (not high nor low), circle number 5
  • If it is better than average, circle a number higher than 5
  • If it is worse than average, circle a number lower than 5

After you rate your mood, write down the number of activities, thoughts, and contacts with others you have each day.

Specifically, note the number of:

  • Pleasant activities
  • Helpful thoughts
  • Unhelpful thoughts
  • Positive contacts with others
  • Negative contacts with others

Try to notice the connections between your mood and these factors.

Many find that it is easiest to keep the scale by the bed so that before you go to bed, you can think about your day and rate your mood for the day.

Quick Mood Scale from the Mothers and Babies One-On-One Participant Manual. Adapted for MamaWise.