Mindfulness: Body Scan Exercise

The Body Scan Exercise can be done anywhere: in bed, seated, standing, or while walking or hiking. During pregnancy and the postpartum period, women’s bodies undergo a tremendous amount of change. The body scan exercise can help you feel grounded and connected to your body even as it seems to change daily. For partners, adoptive parents, and others, this exercise is equally helpful in bringing non-judgemental body awareness and centering.

Mindfulness: Breath Awareness Exercise

Breath awareness is a foundational concept within the practice of mindfulness. The following exercise helps you draw non-judgemental awareness to your breath in the present moment and is an excellent exercise to return to throughout your mindfulness practice.

Mindfullness Overview

Learning and Practicing Mindfulness with Meditation Can Help Us: Boost positive feelings. Enjoy pleasant experiences in daily life. Reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Notice what is happening inside us (thoughts, feelings & sensations). Notice what is happening around us (sights, smells, touches & sounds).